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3D Hologram LED Fan With Frame

3D Hologram LED Fan With Frame

Create a visual extravaganza that will wow your guests with a futuristic lighting accent from the next dimension. Composed of 224 LEDs, this remote-controlled 3D Hologram Light utilizes rotating fan blades to project high-definition 3D imagery without the need for 3D glasses. The included 8G memory card and extensive video library gives you the option to project almost anything you can imagine—ranging from food and nature, to sci-fi imagery and animations. Display custom images like your logo, family photos, your team's mascot on game day, and more! The compact design makes it convenient to mount on a wall or set it up on a table with stand.



Product Details

— Colors: Black
— Materials Acrylic, ABS, Metal, Polycarbonate
— Measurements 17.7"H x 17.7"W x 2.4"D
— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Project Of Videos & Images
— 224 LEDs Two-axis Rotating Imaging, Presenting High-definition, Naked-eye 3D Visual Effects
— Access A Large Video Library With A Variety Of Imagery: Food, Sci-fi, Universe, Animation, Cyber, Etc.
Display Customized 3D Logos & Pictures
— Supports APP & Bluetooth Connectivity
— Mobile Phone Synchronous Screen Projection Function

Tech Specs

— Power Source: Wall Plug
— Cord Length: 4.9 ft.
— Viewing Angle: 160° — Output Voltage: DC 12V/2A
— Power: 10 -15 W
— Display Diameter: 40 cm/15.7in
— Bulb Type: 224 LEDs
— Bulb Lifetime: 10,000+ Hrs.
— Color Temperature: RGB
— Storage Capacity: 8gb
— Support Format: MP4/JPG/GAIF/MOV
— Supporting System: Windows/ iOS/ Android
— Brightness Adjustable
— Bluetooth Audio Supported
— Remote Control
— Product Weight: 4,4 lb






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